Neurofeedback is a non-invasive technique for improving one?s health and well being by balancing brain performance. As a result you will experience more emotional flexibility, better focus and increased self-assurance and self-regulation. Many researchers believe that numerous conditions are related to these wave patterns.

Brainwaves are electrochemical transmissions constantly occurring from birth to death. Different levels of brainwaves (measured in frequencies of wave action with the term ?Hertz?) are associated with different states of consciousness from sleep to heightened awareness. Problems are usually associated with waves in areas of the brain that are either too slow, too fast, over produced or under produced. Brainwaves have been detected by electroencephalography (EEG) for over seventy years. Sensors ?read? the type and amount of activity and record it. This common medical technology is the basis for neurofeedback. A specialized software program permits the client and the practitioner to set zones of functioning so the brain can be trained to work more effectively and efficiently.

Sitting, comfortably, in front of a computer, the client works with a program on the screen selected by the clinician who has assessed the client?s functioning. The program has both visual and auditory components used as ?rewards? for staying in the optimal state. When the brainwaves move in a direction not called for by the program settings the feedback stops and alerts the recipient that he needs to refocus back into the proper range. Over time the brain learns to achieve and maintain the state by itself. It is similar to the involuntary memory our leg muscles acquire after climbing the stairs in our home. They automatically know how high to raise our feet without thought or conscious effort.

Neurofeedback is currently being used as a primary or complimentary approach by medical and health practitioners, educators and trainers. As an alternative treatment method, neurofeedback is being applied and researched internationally.

At Sherman Hill Center neurofeedback is integrated into our treatment methods selectively for children, adolescents and adults. As with all of our other therapeutic modalities, we strive to provide the latest innovations, informed by the most current knowledge in order to provide a service that meets the needs of the individuals and families who seek our help.